DAV Public School Barmana (RW)

Sadar, Bilaspur - 174013 (H.P.)

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DAV Public School (RW) located at Barmana Distt .Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh. It is situated near the highway. The DAV (RW) Barmana is warm and friendly and offers the highest standard of pastoral care. DAV school is an inclusive school, with high academic standards.

 It is a 30 years old, service providing, co-educational organization. It is situated on Chandigarh-Manali Highway No.-21 near ACC Cement Company Barmana.

DAV  (RW) School environment is based on an understanding that head, heart and hands are all involved and engaged in achieving well rounded, good citizens with grounding in Vedic faith.

Beginning in 1990, this organization has acted as a lighthouse of knowledge, skills and values for the wards of the local populace hailing from about 25 villages and towns in its vicinity. We have over 300 students on its roll.

Ever since its inception, the school has made rapid progress in every area. We take academics as a matter of culture, nation building and freedom rather than a product to be consumed. Human and technological concerns are the bottom-line of our organization. We celebrate diversity: we do not discriminate on the basis of color, disability, religion, gender, race and ethnicity.

The school has its local Management Committee (LMC) which formulates policies and guidelines for day-to-day smooth functioning of school. The LMC comprises of eminent persons from all walks of life. They include Educationists, Scholars, Administrators, Teachers and Representatives of DAV College Managing Committee. The School falls in the Shimla Zone of DAV Public School in Himachal Pradesh with office of the Regional Director located at Shimla.


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DAV Public School Barmana (RW)
P/O - Barmana, Tehsil - Sadar,
Bilaspur - 174013 (H.P.)
Contact: 9418771077
, 01978245045
E-Mail Id: [email protected]
Website: davrwbarmana.org

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